Endless website

Endless is a San Francisco-based startup with the mission to provide access to information to developing countries through technology.

Working in a dynamic environment where strategies and priorities change continuously, it’s very usual to have to adapt the way you present as a company based on the needs of each moment. At Endless we had to re-design and re-adapt several times our website to suit the main message to the different phases the company went through.

My Role
As the main manager of this project, my role was to coordinate all versions we created for the institutional website, from conceptualization until edition and publication.
The biggest challenge was to create a flexible platform for design and content updates that would meet the expectations of all the team leaders involved in the project.
As the project owner, I was responsible for the project planning, clarifying objectives, assigning tasks and responsibilities, identifying stages, milestones, deliveries, and timeline, leading kick-off meetings, supervising the design and engineer teams, doing QA, edition, and creation of new content or translation, among other tasks.

Company: Endless
Product: Endless Website
Strategy / Project Planning / Roadmaps / Brief creation / Process / Tasks Creation / QA / Organization / Documentation / Ongoing Projects updating / Content curation / Content translation / Web edition /
URL: www.endlessos.com