Endless OS

Endless is a San Francisco-based startup with the mission to provide access to information to developing countries through technology.

Endless OS is a Linux distribution based on Debian and Gnome software which seeks to provide a streamlined, simplified user experience.
Endless OS was developed after years of research in emerging markets. This field research resulted in a user-centric OS that makes the most of a limited—or even nonexistent—internet connection. Endless OS comes preloaded with apps, offering educational content and tools to individuals, families, schools, and other groups in regions where internet access may be unreliable.

My Role:
Under a Lean methodology and as Project Manager of the Design Team, my role was to plan, execute, track and deliver projects related to our Operating System, from the ideation and implementation of new workflows to the planning, creation, and tracking of tasks, delivery of design assets or support for design research, among other functions.

The biggest achievements I’ve brought to this project were:
〉 Improving internal organization, project planning, creation and assignment of tasks and design deliveries.
〉 Implementation of a work process for the creation of apps, managing teams and 2nd parties, tracking tasks and app progress in different workboards created for the project (we developed more than 30 apps at a time)
〉 Adoption of new practices and tools to work more effectively with Engineering.

Company: Endless
Product: Endless OS
Tasks: Project Planning / Roadmaps / Brief creation / Process / Tasks / QA / Organization / Documentation / Ongoing Projects updating / Content curation / Content translation
URL: endlessos.com


Endless OS